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clemente ciarrocca is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. His practice forms and insurges (with) new locales, letting potentials through duration, poetics, textual, video, sound, drawing, gestural and sculptural work.

Similar, sweet'nd by an inconsistent constancy, and performative, this practice remaining multiple. Striving to "do the work the sun does when the body takes sunlight or grass". It cannot be located or redirected to a one set of urgencies, topics, strategies. The core inter-est lying in the relationship between making and reality and this practice projecting out of that core. In intimacy as a collapse space, the inclusion of proximity. In duration, in collapse, the new space of collapse, in the junction, this inflection, in material openness, in rhythm and sequencing, key strategies for aliveness and the breaking. In sublimation, in secrecy, in the mystery that releases a need for knowing. In misery, in grace, in anguish. In localization and delocalization. In assembling, in resonance, the ecstatic, the neutral. Degeneration and Generation. Repetition, cyclical. In the field.

This is somewhat of a metaphysical practice. A lil deranged(ly), a lil derisory(ly). About the nourishment and development of a technique, of redefining and presenting reality. This is not about the exploration or disclosure of a specific issue, construction, theme or world-condition; nor it begins, stands, stems, projects from any particular cum-text. Beginning everywhere, repeatedly, all issues, all themes are included, implied, in a way that cannot be evaded, nor paraphrased. This is constant, finds, keeps.


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