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  Spelling out a practice. New in being continuous, monadic, and inclusive.
The soil, not the avant-garde. Constant, not latest. Dwelling under skin. 

Voice this substrate. 

The result is a quiet, non-restrictive formula. A silent call. 


  Any image — alteration, manipulation, action, invention, naming — that is generative (that grounds more) originates with-in a conception of the World inside, according, in the aegis of that specific image.
Making is the making real of this conception, freely, auto-nomously, poietically. 

Value your freedom, your autonomy, our poietics: right there, this practice entails presence, shared.




  This is a defining and making-real practice. Your practice is in the extent to which it defines reality. Interpersonally, physically and conceptually, emotionally, socially, structurally. Don’t depict the real: make it what it is. No dependency, no mimesis. +




  Make real. +




  A work is flesh of an organism living beyond the piece itself. +




  A piece is mere documentation of its organism, something otherly and diverse. +




  A number of definitions interact with each other according to the their degrees of inclusiveness, or completeness. A definition’s ability to conceive all its ‘effects' can represent the other in their full, pure otherness.

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def 21 manifesto / updated FEB 23

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