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views of The Bars (or: How I Learn to Stop Worrying and Make It Turn), 2023-present;

materials and dimensions variable



What captivities do the lust, the luxury, the formalities of aesthetic objectification imply?

What opportunities do they allow?

What if an artwork’s sole purpose was to deflect attention from the nectar?

And what does it mean, then, to provide the (re)making of a world with a luring hide, a kind of 'line', with an aura? 

Realizing one for each month I live and completed through a part-scored, part-improvised process lasting 7 to 14 days combining steps of acquisition, history erasure, marking, and release, each bar is essentially an indexing device. An object that inhabits the same period of time, the same spaces, the same life. An object whose image stands in for the (need to) image "Life" and somehow protects it, moving from representation into hold, from knowledge into witness.

Each bar is an illegible, present-ed, de-articulating hold, functioning, in turn, by being held.

Each bar is an object addressing the questions above by/in (sheltering) doing from formality, life from Representation's noose; that ensures for the life it accompanies and protects the only liberty a life can know: to be present without being seen. More than an index. A lightning rod. My own currency of freedom. 
A resilient recipient.
A mystical object. 
A luxury. 
A bankside to this river.
An incentive. A disincentive. 
A skin. A four-sided band. 
A weapon. A guardian. 



Each Bar is:
Currency      Contact      Weapon      Index       Indexing       History       Erasure       Readymade       Practice       the-7-days       Attempt at breaking       Shine: seduction, preciousness, extraction       Locally sourced       Building material       Mineral       Myth


a)    Purchase
b)    History erasure (Polishing)
c)    History
    \    } Events; Potential for a dialogue between mark and caress.
d)    The Night; jetting; collection, caress, smearing/collapse; drying. Contact
e)    Engraving
f)    Sealing (Posture) (End)



bar, noun:
a long rod or rigid piece of wood, metal, or similar material, typically used as an obstruction, fastening, or weapon. "an iron bar”;
an amount of food or another substance formed into a regular narrow block. "a bar of chocolate”;
a band of color or light, especially on a flat surface. "bars of sunlight shafting through the broken windows”;
a sandbank or shoal at the mouth of a harbor, bay, or estuary.
a counter across which refreshments are served. "standing at the bar”
a barrier or restriction to an action or advance. "political differences are not necessarily a bar to a good relationship”
a measure of music or the time of a piece of music. "the opening bars of the first hymn”
a partition in a courtroom or legislative assembly, now usually notional, beyond which most people may not pass and, in court, at which an accused person stands. "the prisoner at the bar”
the legal profession.

fasten (something, especially a door or window) with a bar or bars. "she bolts and bars the door”
prevent or prohibit (someone) from doing something or from going somewhere. "she is barred from leaving the country”
mark (something) with bars or stripes. "his face was barred with light”



photographic scans and view of Bar no.1, 2023;

brass (alloy 360), hematite, hema, marine water, enamel, 12x1.25x0.5"

erased 25th April 2023

released 9th May 2023


view of Bar no.2, 2023;

brass (alloy 360), hematite, hema, enamel, 122x1.25x0.5"

erased 12th June 2023

released 28th June 2023

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