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to kiss on a battlefield / act I / texts;

First Edition, 2023, 1 of 1
54 pages, alternate cellulose and vellum, 7x9''

download (digital edition, PDF)

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This publication functions three-way, as an illustrative document, a manual, and as a compendium, for the exhibition and aftermath of To Kiss on a Battlefield, Act 1, which was installed and performed between March 18th and April 16th, 2023 at California Institute of the Arts in Santa Clarita, CA.


A CROSS POETICS [selected writings 2022-2023];

Single Edition, 2023, 1 of 1
40 pages, vellum, 8.5x11''

download (digital edition, PDF)


A CROSS POETICS [selected writings 2022-2023] collects four essais (attempts) whose composition spans the two years coinciding with my first period of time living and working in Los Angeles, California, interlacing them with snapshots taken across the same period. Could continuity be achieved through, beyond, or beside representation? What is presence, and what its relationship with change, revolt, and revolving? What does it mean and take for a material to be 'open'? These are some of the questions asked by the texts collected here, courted in the radiant ambiguity of a personal poetics born by the dailiness of noticing and note-taking, committed to the cross as movement, state, vestige, and place beyond its own symbol.

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